Our philosophy here at Shannon Bain Digital is to pursue constant, never-ending, consistent improvement. And to us, that means always having the best strategy, implementation and management plan in place for your business and marketing systems.

When it comes to your website, our method is no different. And it is unfortunate to see how many businesses aren’t utilising the power of their website to it’s full potential.

So, for all of our web design clients, and those just looking to get more from their websites, we have developed ongoing WordPress Website Management Plans. Start harnessing the power of an effective website now.

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Ongoing Subscription Options 

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Do I Need A Maintenance Plan For My Wesbite?

If your website is on WordPress, there are regular software updates that need to be done, preventative maintenance and security to ensure it is safe.⁠

In addition, your website strategy should be based on your long term goals. It is one thing having a website but I like to say the works starts when it goes live!⁠

Running a successful business takes consistent, ongoing effort and a well thought out, results focussed strategy!⁠

Our maintenance plans come in the shape of a monthly retainer which gives you access to someone that can help them reach their goals faster.⁠

You should be asking your designer if they can provide ongoing support relative to your business goals, marketing AND supporting you with your website.⁠

So the answer is, yes! You should always opt for a website maintenance plan.

Digital Marketing Services

Our agency offers a broad range of services in addition to website design and maintenance that can assist in helping you achieve your business growth goals.


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